Hooters reviews, courtesy of TripAdvisor.

(Selects from a series of 18 paintings)

“Pregnant Hooters Waitresses are the worst!!!! I didn’t come to dinner to be served by a heffer, i wanted a hottie! can anyone Else relate to this??” - MichaelJT, 2018

“fri night the very pregnant bartender which i don't know the name of was particularly disgusting. nobody comes to a hooters to get this.” -Clrwtr R, 2014

“I don't remember alot of thier names... to me they are ‘honey, sweetheart...etc’ I think melissa is one of my favorits, but she'll be gone soon.... Maternity leave!! I'd laugh if she has a little girl, and comes out in orang shorts!!! lol!” -Spike3x, 2007